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Quality as the starting point

Terra Demetra was conceived and built around a solid foundation: the quality.

Fruit and vegetables selected by us represent an authentic Italian excellence in this sector. Each ingredient we process comes from a well-defined geographic area, inside which every single product is deeply rooted with the territory.

But this is not enough: once we have identified the area where we wish to collect the fruit and vegetables from, we go and seek for local producers. The ones who, like us, pursue their goals based on product quality, respect for the environment and respect for the work.

Production process

The quality of technological processes

We managed to single out the best method for product transformation: this technology relies on the use of machinery powered by steam, enabling short cooking periods without altering the flavor, aroma, color or other features of fruit and vegetables.

Finished product

High quality of the finished product 

Thanks to the absence of any chemicals, including those that are allowed for use by regulations like antioxidants or thickeners, our products preserve their natural genuineness. No preservatives are added to the products. Instead, they are packed in glass jars and conserved by pasteurization at the temperature of nearly 100°C.

This enables them to have a minimum three years shelf-life.