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About us

Terra Demetra is the brand under which the company TEN llc. produces and exports top quality Italian products all over the world.

It was established by brothers Nicola and Antonio Cazzato.

Terra Demetra thrives from the enthusiasm of young and ambitious individuals. At the same time it benefits from the experience of people who have worked in food sector for many years. 



Respect for the clients

The company’s values are primarily based on our clients’ needs and expectations. Respect for the consumer is the core of everything we do: this is why Terra Demetra products are made with the most care for genuineness.

Respect for the environment

Terra Demetra is based on the important assumption: If man respects the environment he lives in, he will be able to coexist in harmony with it and enjoy all the nutritious and delicious fruit nature has to offer him.

For this reason we select our ingredients only from trusted growers, who cultivate their products without the use of harmful substances for the environment and the products themselves.


Why Terra Demetra was born? Terra Demetra is a realization of a dream…a dream of people who wanted to create gourmet food of superior quality.

Our products were made to improve consumers’ well-being without having to sacrifice on unique, intense and rich flavor. 

In order to achieve this goal and create the best canned food, we always seek to find the best fruit and vegetables produced in Italy.